These are the first four (or five?) sets of temporary tattoos designed for the Kickstarter campaign, click here to visit the site and get your own!  Thanks for your support!

These might just be a Kickstarter exclusive, so get these quick!  What are you still doing here?  Go!

Friendly reminder, these are temporary tattoos, not semi-permanent.  The expectation is 3 to 4 days based on a series of scientific factors including weather, bodily acidity, personal hygiene and if you scratch when skin itches.

Live on Kickstarter October 1st!!!!

HoHoHoLidays Series 1
Kawaii Five-Oh! Series 1
To infinity and Somewhere Series 1
Space ‘Staches Series 1
Puptraits Series 1

Available only if we meet the Kickstarter stretch goal as a bonus to all backers, FREEEEEEEEEEE!