My project needs your help 🙂

Hi there!

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this, it is very much appreciated. And I know you get a lot of requests 🙂

As an art student, I'm not the most "social media savvy" type, that's not my area of focus.  I draw nice things.  This is why I've reached out for some help.  

What I wish is to get the word out on my stuff, so I can build a somewhat successful project, make cool things and fund a bit my life.  I'm sure you understand!  I have some folks helping me but reaching masses is where I need the most assistance with.

If you could share on your social media some of my stuff, or provide some hints on how to get traction I'd be immensely grateful.  I have a few samples on hand as well, if you could post yourself with one of my temporary tattoos I'd be over the moon!

Again many thanks & love to all!

-Arielle & Oz