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Hi everybody!

Thanks for dropping in, my name is Arielle and I’m an art student at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM for short) and I love tattoos.  In fact I plan to build my career in this space once I graduate, my goal is to deliver designs which my customers will enjoy forever (hopefully!).

This project of selling my designs online has a few goals which I hope you will support:

  • Make and sell awesome designs!
  • Fund my studies, all these books, supplies and credits do cost a lot!
  • Learn some business experience as they don’t teach that in my program much
  • Get some experience online tools which I expect to use for a long time

I’m very lucky to be working with a few awesome individuals to bring this to fruition (and I hope they’re blushing right now):

  • Annie Lavallée: my mom, graphics mentor and my biggest fan (hi hi) 
  • Jean Pascal (JP) Hébert: a family friend who has been in tech sales & marketing for almost as long as I’ve been on this planet 

Please check out my designs, follow By Arielle on social media and thanks for being here!